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Tim Mason

In 2012, Tim the started out part time, opening and setting up the campus for Sunday’s worship. In 2013 a full time position opened up and Tim became the Facility Superintendent.

Throughout his career, the Lord has led Tim to diverse opportunities relevant to his work at FPCMV. These include firefighter for the Air Force, manufacturing planner for high tech components, landscaper, and numerous management roles at start-up companies where he was responsible for facilities, logistics, and security.

Tim met his wife Zenaida while working at a start-up company. They married in 2001 and have 4 sons and 2 daughters. When Tim is not working on the FPCMV campus, he keeps busy with six side businesses, (antiques sales, relocation services, salvage/recycling, catering, arbor/landscaping and hoarder clean up), or volunteering for the local soccer program in Campbell. Tim has coached baseball and soccer over the past 29 years. In his spare time Tim enjoys spending time with his family and catching up on sleep.