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Monday April 18: Being a Faithful Steward

Scripture: “Moreover, it is required of stewards that they be found trustworthy” (1 Corinthians 4:7).

What if your pastor asked you to give a testimonial about your life as God’s steward? If you were asked to share how you manage and care for God’s property, what would you say? Perhaps you’d say that, as a God-pleasing steward, you acknowledge God as the creator and source of all things. As the creator of all, he owns everything. God’s property is on loan to us. As stewards, we are to manage what he has entrusted to us responsibly, joyfully, and for God’s purposes. You would go on to say that, as God’s stewards, we are not to be passive managers but active and involved, that we are caretakers and managers of God’s gifts so we are accountable for what we do with his gifts of time, talents, and money. You’d sum up your thoughts by declaring that stewards live lives expressing gratitude to God for both our created and redeemed lives. We live a life of saying “thank you” to God for his love and mercy. Stewardship is faith in action.

To answer the question, “Are we being faithful stewards with our lives and gifts?” we may want to check our calendars and check registers. Faithful stewards would have times marked on their calendars for helping others, church meetings, and Bible studies. We would be spending time in prayer and attending worship services. Through faith, we try our best to use our time doing God’s will. Our check book registers would show weekly offerings being made to God through our church, and there would be some checks written to help the needy. Our calendars and check registers will show us where our priorities lie.

God has blessed us stewards with many blessings, but the decision is ours whether or not we will use those gifts for the work of the Lord. Through the work of the Holy Spirit, God enables us to use our gifts faithfully and joyfully for his purposes. May God help us all to be the faithful stewards that he wants us to be.

Prayer: Lord, grant me faith to be a committed and joyful steward of all you entrust to me. Amen.