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Footprints to the Future

In his book, “Leadership Pain“, coach and consultant, Sam Chard observes that anytime leadership doesn’t produce pain, you are likely in a season of “unusual blessing” or “you are not really making a difference”.
Growth = Change
Change = Loss
Loss = Pain
Growth = Pain
Leadership is a pain magnet. It is the price we pay to keep growing. One of the problems is that too often churches look for problem-free solutions, they don’t exist, anywhere! When we choose a solution you simultaneously choose the pain and problems that accompany that solution.

In the “FOOTPRINTS to the Future” gatherings over the last two months we have been seeking, considering, and finding some solutions to the questions presented in our small groups. Friends, the process is slow, yet the responses and input is outstanding. We began with a Prayer Vigil followed by three meetings. During the meetings many questions were asked. Our time together has helped us to discern God’s mission and vision. As you know our campus is a very busy place each and every day and from the outcome of these meetings we can look forward to many more years of ministry together as a church family.

One reminder, we are not done yet, so don’t forget we have more meetings ahead on August 16 and August 30.

Together, let us create “FOOTPRINTS to the Future”!
Blessings, Pastor Tim