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Our Middle Mile

If you are a long-distance runner you know more runners drop out of the middle mile of a race than anywhere else along the course. After five years of ministry together, I feel we as a church are in the middle mile. Now, with determination, planning, faith and vision we will continue to keep moving on the path that is lit before us. Yes, we have come so far and the future is so bright.

As I reflect on our time together and the journey we have been walking I am moved to remember special moments, people, activities and accomplishments. Each day as I walk on the campus I am reminded of God’s love and the great opportunity we have to share Jesus Christ. The church campus is alive and the Spirit of God is always moving.  FPCMV was a very busy place in 2014.

I want to thank our faithful and hard-working Elders, Deacons, Leadership Teams, Committees and all the many volunteers that have given their time and energy. We have a wonderful ministry staff and our “big thanks” to Margie, Tim, Karl, Gayle, Maria and Kim for their commitment to the church and Jesus Christ.

Also, a very special “thanks” to Jim Leonard and Jo Skinner for their years of service in the Stewardship ministry of the church. They both have been an example of Christ’s service.

“To God be the Glory”

Pastor Tim

P.S. See you in Worship!