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Did You Know?

There have been a lot of changes on the church campus.  After worship on Sunday, we invite you to walk around and see the remodeling of the buildings.  Start in the Christian Education wing and notice the new classrooms, and of course, the new restrooms.  Little Acorn Board and Executive Director Kim have been working very hard to modernize these areas used by children.

Next week, new roofs will be placed on the Christian Education wing and over the kitchen area in the Fellowship Hall.  This is a big deal because it has been a long time since these areas were re-roofed.  Oh, by the way it will rain again and we will be prepared (we won’t need lots of buckets now).

Make sure you stop in the Chapel and see the construction that is now completed.  Thank you, Doug and Pat Henderson for your time and love for this project.

In the near future we will be having a new video projection system placed in the back of the Sanctuary (moving it from the pews in the front).  Also, we learned that on Sunday mornings many people in the service cannot see the words on the large screen so  we will be relocating it.

If you have any questions, please feel to talk to Pastor Tim or your Facility Team.