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He Let It Go

Perhaps, Jesus’ ultimate act of faith was not so much as coming to earth as in leaving it. After a lifetime of preparation and only three years of implementation and training, He had to look at His mission and then let it go. “It is finished,” He said in His dying breath. And then, He let go.

When you have done everything possible in your own lives with a project, business, with a relationship, then sometimes the only thing left to do is to let it go. In one of the old Indiana Jones movies you may remember that he and his father were pursuing the Holy Grail. After many adventures and heartaches Indiana is about to lift up the prize, and his father whispers to him, “Let it go.” In the movie there is a long pause and you can see the anguish on Indiana’s face. Finally, as the movie goes on, Indiana gets it! It is not about getting the Holy Grail; it is about his relationship with his father and spending time together.

I wonder how often God is whispering to us, “Let it go!” Just as in the movie, our Father has been journeying with us this Lenten Season, and now wants us to “Let it go!”

Easter is upon us and new possibilities lie ahead. Together we can explore God’s calling as we learn to celebrate the learning, sharing, and growing that occurs in our daily lives.

Our church future is bright so let up open our ears to our Father’s message as we journey into the future and let us hear Him say, “Let it go!”

Celebrating God’s love,
Pastor Tim

P.S. See YOU in Worship!